Founded 1911

Y-IEEE began as part of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers – one of the IEEE parent organizations – under the leadership of Prof. Charles F. Scott, a former president of the AIEE. (For this reason we consider ourselves one of the earliest, if not the first, student IEEE chapters.) In 1963, the AIEE merged with the Institute of Radio Engineers to form IEEE as it is today. 

More recently, IEEE has become one of two major, well-regarded organizations supporting the progress of electronics and computer engineering (the other being ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery.) Nowadays, there are more than two thousand IEEE student branches across over one hundred nations worldwide – and as a member of Y-IEEE, you’re a part of that community!

…and 2018

After a long hiatus, Y-IEEE was revived in 2018 by Yale electrical engineering students seeking a place to put their knowledge to use but noticing that Yale had grievously few engineering groups. Today, Y-IEEE seeks to bring together engineering students for all sorts of cool projects like ham radio communication and building a computer from scratch. We also promote engineering and applied science through workshops, talks with distinguished speakers, and conferences.