We’re Y-IEEE, Yale’s student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Originally founded in 1911 and recently revived in 2018, Y-IEEE seeks to bring together Yale students for cool projects like sending a HAM radio message to the International Space Station, lighting up campus towers, creating a homemade Jumbotron, supporting STEM education in the local community, building a computer from scratch, and all sorts of other things. When we’re not working on awesome projects, Y-IEEE is also a social space for Yale’s engineering community where we can enjoy each other’s knowledge and company (and sometimes that of invited speakers). As one of Yale’s largest engineering clubs and a de facto ally to all Yale’s engineering students (not just electrical engineers), Y-IEEE hosts programs and sessions on behalf of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. If you’re a young undergraduate looking for advice, look no further! We also have a variety of student-developed written resources for undergraduates.

If you’re looking for more information, explore the rest of our site using the menu above! You’ll find information about our history and board members, our project teams, our community-building events, and more!

Below are some of our past events!

  • Visit to the Yale Space Station! 2/25/2022
    Y-IEEE members recently visited the Yale Space Station! It was well worth the trek up Hillhouse in the cold weather. We learned about radio and even got to take turns speaking on the radio! Contact us if you’re interested in joining the YSS team and getting your radio license!
  • Internship Retrospective 9/17/2021
    Five panelists shared their summer internship experiences in a Q&A session. You can read the meeting notes here!