We’re Y-IEEE, Yale’s student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Originally founded in 1911 and recently revived in 2018, Y-IEEE now seeks to bring together Yale students for cool projects like sending a HAM radio message to the International Space Station, lighting up campus towers, creating a homemade Jumbotron, supporting STEM education in the local community, building a computer from scratch, and all sorts of other things. When we’re not working on awesome projects, Y-IEEE is also a social space for Yale’s engineering community where we can enjoy each other’s knowledge and company (and sometimes that of invited speakers).

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Undeterred by the difficult circumstances of 2020-2021 academic year, Y-IEEE has staked out a variety of exciting projects, all available to remote students. Despite the  distance, we’re quickly becoming a new hub of engineering social activity. We’re also supporting Yale’s SEAS community with all-team social events and STEM speakers, helping to knit together seniors and first-years alike and even helping those who haven’t arrived on campus yet dive into Yale engineering.

If you’d like to suggest a project, write to our co-chairs – we love new ideas!

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Resources for Students

As one of Yale’s largest engineering clubs and a de facto ally to all Yale’s engineering students (not just electrical engineers), Y-IEEE hosts programs and sessions on behalf of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. If you’re a young undergraduate looking for advice, look no further! We also have a variety of student-developed written resources for undergraduates.

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Being a resourceful group of young engineers we’re thrilled by all support we’re given! While we are formally organized as a Yale SEAS undergraduate organization, our work takes us far outside the bounds of the university, and we always welcome connections, opportunities, and project ideas. A club both young and old, Y-IEEE is also uniquely situated for a network of alumni – so give us a shout if you’ve had experience with Y-IEEE in the past!

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