“Hey Siri, play cat videos on the Swenson Tower.” “Ok, playing WAP on Spotify.” 

If you like IOT ?, I have the project for you (we will not be making an interactive fridge). IOT Buildings ?= the future. This project will be focusing heavily on IOT-based interactivity and modular hardware design. Our end goal is to have a MASSIVE low resolution SCREEN on the side of a YALE™ BUILDING to play retro games on and sell out by advertising for other departments and events (similar to what MIT did but much better and modern). All coding and testing will be conducted remotely over zoom, but most hardware assembly will be on campus (with possibility for mail-in hardware setup [support the USPS!]). Testing will happen over zoom, and a simulator website has been set up for this purpose. 

We will be working with web app development (python), javascript, arduino, C, and MQTT. Some coding or EE experience would be awesome! But not totally required.

Tentative Timeline

  • September – Secure the building, order components, begin going over codebase
  • October – Improving responsiveness, “mass-produce” modules, small tests (on OC buildings)
  • November – Making games / apps / better ways to interact with building (better UI)
  • Future – Install in a real building, improving communication and responsiveness

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Team Leader: Matt Albritton

“Howdy y’all my name is Matt Albritton and I’m from Texas. I’m a gap-year Junior in Saybrook, an CS + MechE major, and a COD Mobile National World Championship Qualifier Champion (Scotty [Jumbotron team leader] sucks @ COD) . Ask me about vans and skiing. ? Peace & Love, Matt Albritton.”