Modular ?. Interactive ⚡️. Beautiful ✨. Hybrid Model ?. Raspberry Pi ?. All of these words would be able to describe this project if words could describe this project. We have a screen with 2 modules (it’s already been removed once by the fire marshall?? so you know it’s littt), so we will first begin by focusing on the coding aspect (unless someone broke the hardware over the summer ?). However, fear not, because the screen, its raspberry pi, and its arduinos can all be accessed remotely. I will be on campus to make sure it’s all set up. Great experience if u want to learn how to get raspberry pis, arduinos, and hardware working and communicating with each other.

We will be working in Python ?, Arduino C ⌨️, maybe some hardware stuff?and WebDev? too at the end.

Tentative Timeline

  • September – Figure out if board is still working, restore VNC virtual connection, begin coding
  • October – Working with making the board less of a fire hazard / clean up / coding
  • November – Finding more fun programs and things to do on the board / interactivity
  • Future – More modules / more programs / different shape / beyond & possibly talking with CEID about having it be a window project

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Team Leader: Scotty Gustavo

“What’s up everyone it’s ya boy, Scotty G ?, back at you with another YIEEE ? project. Make sure you smash ?that like ? button, hit that subscribe button and turn on the bell? icon. I’m a junior in Saybrook and I just switched to ~Computer Science ? and Psychology ?~ joint major 1 (one) week ago ?, so AMA about that . In my free time I like to day-trade crypto ?, watch Animal Planet, snoop on open-source projects ?, and play COD Mobile ?.”