The Harkness Tower Lights project is an initiative aiming to install multi-colored lights onto Harkness, with the aim of projecting programmed light shows during holidays and special events – similar to the spectacular light displays in NYC during the holidays. However, because this is such a large project, a majority of this project will be communicating with Yale’s faculty of engineers and technicians, as well as board members to approve this project. Determining which lighting software to be using, having open lines of discussion with the Yale Faculty & Staff to ensure the safe and efficient installment of lights onto Harkness. If you want to use engineering in service of the arts, and gain real experience into what engineering is really like (a lot of talking and watching other people build the things you design), then the Harkness Tower Project is right for you!

Tentative Timeline

  • September – Open lines of communication with the Yale Board to secure funds and allow the building of the lights onto Harkness
  • October – Talk to on-site Yale engineers to discuss the possible designs and prices
  • November – Hopefully start construction on replacing the current lights & installing new programmable ones in 
  • Future – Have the lights installed before Commencement day to really give our Seniors a deserving farewell!

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Team Leader: Ethan Kwok

“Hi everyone! My name is Ethan Kwok and I am a sophomore in Saybrook College studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I love to work on student film projects (tentative Film major), lose my money trading tech options, and unfortunately do not play COD mobile. I can’t wait to work with you this semester!”