Modular ?. Interactive ⚡️. Hybrid ?. Raspberry Pi ?. Beautiful ✨.

All of these words would be able to describe this project if words could describe this project. We have a screen with 2 modules (it’s already been removed once by the fire marshall?? so you know it’s littt), so we will first begin by focusing on the coding aspect (unless someone broke the hardware over the summer ?). However, fear not, because the screen, its raspberry pi, and its arduinos can all be accessed remotely. I will be on campus to make sure it’s all set up. Great experience if u want to learn how to get raspberry pis, arduinos, and hardware working and communicating with each other.

We will be working in Python ?, Arduino C ⌨️, maybe some hardware stuff?and WebDev? too at the end.

Yale Space Station

Sadly, no, Yale has not given us a bajillion ??? to compete with the International Space Station… but we think you’ll like this.

The Yale Space Station (YSS) is actually a ham radio station that will be constructed atop Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSSH… ik what a tongue-twister). Last semester (Spring 2020) before quarantine started we secured the bag, meaning Yale’s administrative funding and approval for our project! Currently we’re focusing on applying to ARISS, the organization that allows student groups (equipped with the right materials such as a ham radio station) to make LIVE contact with the actual NASA astronauts aboard the ISS! Unfortunately, due to COVID, SSSH is temporarily closed, so the actual construction of the ham radio station is postponed until further notice. 

If you love teaching kids about physics/ engineering and helping kids in New Haven get exposed to STEAM this is the perfect team for you! Plus it would legendary to be able to LIVE contact NASA astronauts ?‍???‍? IN SPACE and (once the ham radio station is built) a) go to the top of SSSH ? and b) shoot radio waves to the moon and measure the speed of light. ?

Harkness Tower Lights

Ever watched the spectacular holiday lights in New York City?

The Harkness Tower Lights project is an initiative aiming to install multi-colored lights onto Harkness, with the aim of projecting programmed light shows during holidays and special events – similar to the displays in NYC during the holidays. However, because this is such a large project, a majority of this project will be communicating with Yale’s faculty of engineers and technicians, as well as board members to approve this project. Determining which lighting software to be using, having open lines of discussion with the Yale Faculty & Staff to ensure the safe and efficient installment of lights onto Harkness. If you want to use engineering in service of the arts, and gain real experience into what engineering is really like (a lot of talking and watching other people build the things you design), then the Harkness Tower Project is right for you!

Modular Tower Screen

“Hey Siri, play cat videos on Swenson Tower.”
“Ok, playing WAP on Spotify.”

If you like IOT ?, I have the project for you (we will not be making an interactive fridge). IOT Buildings ?= the future. This project will be focusing heavily on IOT-based interactivity and modular hardware design. Our end goal is to have a MASSIVE low resolution SCREEN on the side of a YALE™ BUILDING to play retro games on and sell out by advertising for other departments and events (similar to what MIT did but much better and modern). All coding and testing will be conducted remotely over zoom, but most hardware assembly will be on campus (with possibility for mail-in hardware setup [support the USPS!]). Testing will happen over zoom, and a simulator website has been set up for this purpose. 

We will be working with web app development (python), javascript, arduino, C, and MQTT. Some coding or EE experience would be awesome! But not totally required.