Sadly, no, Yale has not given us a bajillion 💵💵💵 to compete with the International Space Station. The Yale Space Station (YSS) is actually a ham radio station that will be constructed atop Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSSH… ik what a tongue-twister). Last semester (Spring 2020) before quarantine started we secured the bag, meaning Yale’s administrative funding and approval for our project! Currently we’re focusing on applying to ARISS, the organization that allows student groups (equipped with the right materials such as a ham radio station) to make LIVE contact with the actual NASA astronauts aboard the ISS! Unfortunately, due to COVID, SSSH is temporarily closed, so the actual construction of the ham radio station is postponed until further notice. 

If you love teaching kids about physics/ engineering and helping kids in New Haven get exposed to STEAM this is the perfect team for you! Plus it would legendary to be able to LIVE contact NASA astronauts 👩‍🚀👨🏿‍🚀 IN SPACE and (once the ham radio station is built) a) go to the top of SSSH 😎 and b) shoot radio waves to the moon and measure the speed of light. 🤓

The Yale Space Station project is funded by the Yale Science and Engineering Association. We thank them for their generous support and appreciate their dedication to science and engineering at Yale!

Tentative Timeline

  • September – Investigate how ARISS event has changed in accordance to COVID pandemic
  • October –  Improve existing application and get ham radio certification
  • November – Continue working on ARISS  application and possibly the installation and usage of ham radio technology
  • Future – Plan ISS x Yale even logistics (ie. transportation, curriculum, outreach, publicity, etc.)

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Team Leader: Flaurencya Ciputra

“Hi everyone! My name is Flaur and I am a sophomore  in Davenport College studying Computer Science (I’m also ex-Mech-E and ex-EECS so hmu if you’d like to chat about STEM majors). I love events planning 📋, learning how to dance, and cooking Indonesian foods 🇮🇩 in my free-time! I am also  ~obsessed~ with penguins 🐧and two of my favorite tv shows are The Office and Avatar the Last Airbender (ikr so mainstream!) . Unfortunately, I do not know what COD mobile is 🤷🏻. I can’t wait to work with you this semester!”