Modular 🎁. Interactive ⚡️. Beautiful ✨. Hybrid Model 📡. Raspberry Pi 🍇. All of these words would be able to describe this project if words could describe this project. We have a screen with 2 modules (it’s already been removed once by the fire marshall🔥🔥 so you know it’s littt), so we will first begin by focusing on the coding aspect (unless someone broke the hardware over the summer 😵). However, fear not, because the screen, its raspberry pi, and its arduinos can all be accessed remotely. I will be on campus to make sure it’s all set up. Great experience if u want to learn how to get raspberry pis, arduinos, and hardware working and communicating with each other.

We will be working in Python 🐍, Arduino C ⌨️, maybe some hardware stuff💡and WebDev🎚 too at the end.

Tentative Timeline

  • September – Figure out if board is still working, restore VNC virtual connection, begin coding
  • October – Working with making the board less of a fire hazard / clean up / coding
  • November – Finding more fun programs and things to do on the board / interactivity
  • Future – More modules / more programs / different shape / beyond & possibly talking with CEID about having it be a window project

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Team Leader: Scotty Gustavo

“What’s up everyone it’s ya boy, Scotty G 🥴, back at you with another YIEEE 🥵 project. Make sure you smash 💯that like 👍 button, hit that subscribe button and turn on the bell🔔 icon. I’m a junior in Saybrook and I just switched to ~Computer Science 🖥 and Psychology 🧠~ joint major 1 (one) week ago 🥶, so AMA about that . In my free time I like to day-trade crypto 📉, watch Animal Planet, snoop on open-source projects 😈, and play COD Mobile 📲.”